Headteachers Go Out to Play

Jo and Rebecca have come out of school to provide quality play opportunities for young children. They have started a role-play centre in Hove called Play Time where children can unlock their creativity and problem-solving abilities using their imagination in a variety of exciting settings.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress.” Albert Einstein

Play Time is Jo and Rebecca. As two ex-headteachers, we are very aware of the importance of play in a child’s early development. Play helps children understand the world and develop investigative skills.

We create inspiring role play for young children to grow their ingenuity and creativity. Children can visit a variety of role play areas and small world activities. Come and be a builder, a pirate, a vet, a teacher, a dragon …. the possibilities are endless.

We are only too aware of the rapidly decreasing time to play and explore in children’s Primary education. However, the benefits of imaginative play and exploration in a collaborative environment are vital to children’s early development and progress. As experienced early years and Primary school practitioners, we both have a passion for providing high-quality early childhood experiences. This knowledge and passion led us to develop Play Time.

Play Time is a place where children have the freedom to engage in play in a safe, judgement free environment, set up with their development in mind. We create different role-play and small world areas to stimulate children’s imagination. These areas are regularly updated, developed and changed to constantly enhance the experience. In this way we already have children coming to visit Play Time on a regular basis as there is always something new.

It was important to us when we set Play Time up that children had access to high quality and exciting resources for their independent and collaborative playtime. We have been able to source our equipment and resources from trusted educational suppliers.

We have a home corner and a supermarket which are familiar to children and they can act out scenes from everyday life alongside areas that will stimulate new experiences and ideas such as a camping site, puppet theatre and castle.

We know from feedback from our happy playmates that we have created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that people love to revisit.

We do not have an age limit because there is no age limit on imagination.

Play is a child’s most important job!

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