Half-Term Mini-Break in London

There’s tonnes to do in Brighton during half-term (just check our calendar) but sometimes we like a change of scene and I’ve been hankering after a trip up town. Here’s what’s on our hit list for a 2-day mini break to London this February.

Where to stay

I almost always start with Airbnb, as that’s often the most relaxing option with kids but also you get to stay in neighbourhoods where hotels aren’t typically situated. I looked at Brick Lane, just my style. But in the end, I couldn’t resist a hotel deal from www.lastminute.com – a family room in a hotel in Bayswater, breakfast included and a pool. Plus that’s the right side of town for the museums, so it made sense.

The Science Museum

science museumWe usually gravitate to the Natural History Museum but both girls are getting curious about science and the world around them. I think we’ll be checking out Chem-mystery an interactive session where kids get to solve a mystery at the museum!

Afternoon tea
afternoon tea
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Better than lunch, only slightly in my pecking order of perfect meals behind breakfast. What’s not to like? Sandwiches, cake and tea. Perfect for kids, perfect for grown-up kids. I wanted to find somewhere that feels special but where children may be welcome. This article from Vogue: The Best Places For Afternoon Tea in London had me drooling, the list is certainly fabulous. And…maybe save those experiences when it’s just me and mum! I don’t think the children will quite appreciate it, yet.

Tate Modern

This one is for me. Probably the kids will whinge as I drag them around the Pierre Bonnard exhibition but I don’t care. If only a glance at the artworks has a smidge of impact on them, my work will have been done. My youngest, Boo, wants to be an artist. And I think Pierre Bonnard is relatable for children, with his use of colour and vibrant subject matter. I’m a member of the Tate, so we’ll grab a bite and I’ll treat mama to a glass of vino with a view over the river and the City. 

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens
Albert Memorial
Albert Memorial

As we’re staying right by the park it would silly not to explore! I’ve never visited the Princess Diana Memorial and despite being a staunch republican (not the US kind, the type that wants the outdated, archaic, medieval royal wet dream to be over), I still had a lot of admiration for her (who didn’t – well, apart from the Duke of Edinburgh perhaps!). The children have both studied Queen Victoria at school, so I think a quick swing by the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall may be a good experience.

That’s it?

Well yes. The whole point of grabbing a stay in a hotel, was that we don’t have to rush around London until we drop! And I think our itinerary already looks pretty packed.

What are your plans for half-term? A relaxing stay-cation, visits to family or perhaps like me, for most of that week – you’ll be working!

Pierre Bonnard

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