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After nearly a year of not being able to cook and eat properly, due to pregnancy sickness, I’m loving being back in the kitchen. If I can steal a moment to teach myself new dishes and create family feasts, I will. To me, cooking is therapy and the kitchen is a sanctuary of culinary creativity (my soundtrack is BBC Radio 4). So for my birthday this year, I haven’t asked for pampering treats or jewellery, nothing would please me more than to have another gadget for my kitchen cupboard.

Quite frankly, we don’t have the space for another gadget. We don’t have a big kitchen and although I would love to be the Goddess of Gourmet Gadgets, I’m a little low on equipment to compete for the title. I have therefore made the decision to put the evil microwave in the loft to make way for a gift from the Birthday Fairy or Father Christmas. I’ve also tried to research implements could save money on things I’m am purchasing daily from a third party. Here’s the list so far, with some of my ‘lust-have’ devices:

1. Coffee: I’m having 2-3 cups of decaf a day from my little ‘cafetiere for one’. I can’t seem to kick-start my brain without it. So my big lust here is to have a machine that makes decent coffee from decaf beans. Although I’m a filter coffee girl at heart, I’m seduced by the thought of being able to make superior Americanos with one of the range of Delonghi coffee machines . I need a machine like this, which is easy to clean but makes coffee in a jiffy. Beats on washing the cafetiere three times a day.

2. Bread: we order a sliced loaf from the milkman twice a week, which is fine for the husband but I can’t stand bog-standard mass baked bread. My parents have had a bread maker for yonks, I’ve always yearned to make my own sourdough bread, but we’ve never had the space. This Panasonic bread maker would fit in the space left by the microwave quite nicely.

3. Juice/ smoothies: this is one not only for me but the whole family. We are spending a small fortune on smoothie pouches for our toddler, which have become a staple purchase along with cheese, bread and milk in our weekly shop! Along with the Innocent 57 and a Half Recipes from our Kitchen to Yours book, what could be easier than fruit juicers and smoothie makers where you don’t need to peel the fruit, the Philips Whole Fruit Juicer.

This birthday gadget gift list mission was helped by the power of Tesco Direct.

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