Gifts for 5-10yr olds

For those who love the outdoors: 

Bug kits – these are a great way for the children to learn about how insects live in their own habitat. There is a wide choice available – bee hotels / worm runs / ladybird towers / butterfly gardens

Flower press – more for the spring time if you want to use garden flowers although vase flowers are just as good. Once the flowers have been pressed they can be used to decorate homemade cards, invites and pictures.


For the science lovers: 

Bath bomb factory – Not only great for the end result but also for encouraging youngsters to weigh out materials and follow instructions.

Gross science kits – Perfect present for those who love experimenting with gooey substances!


For those who like to create: 

 Sticky Mosaics  – For those who love to create a masterpiece but without the mess of paint!

Make a Bear – Lovely way to introduce sewing to little ones.


For those who like a good beat: 

Drum playmat –  if you don’t have the space for a full lit this is ideal, the bonus is that is has a volume control and a headphone jack.

Recorder – one of the cheaper options of musical instruments to introduce to your children. You can also pick up a starter book or teach them using the videos on YouTube.


For those who like a challenge: 

Qwirkle – This is on our Christmas list this year – With 108 tiles to play with, players score points by building lines that share a common attribute – either colour or shape

Timestable lotto – we love this game! It is a great way to introduce times tables to the younger children and help support development with those already using them.

3D puzzles – the next stage of puzzles for children as they get bigger.


For the active ones: 

Scooter  – always a favourite whatever your age. Why not get one for everyone in the house – adult included.

Roller skates  – Especially good if you want to get out of the house for a walk on Christmas Day – remember to buy some knee and arm pads!


Something for later on in the year:

Tickets to the theatre

Annual membership to Sealife Centre


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