Funk and Fun at Brighton’s Properly Chilled Out Family Festival

It’s just over a month to go until Funk the Family festival on 18th June. If you’ve followed our blog, you’ll know we’re big fans. Mainly because the folks organising this day know about funk, fun and put on one of Brighton’s Proper Chilled Out Festivals.

For the record, the music on this one-day festival is not all funk. For those who like their MOBO, it’s a melange of hip hop, pop, jazz, soul and more. Usually this wouldn’t be our bag. We’re hard core indie kids, normally hanging out where guitars are loud and heads will bang…but a whole day of that is way too chaotic for young children. And I know this because I started helping DJ the school discos. The air guitar competition was a major ‘high’ but the kids would have gone crazy after a constant stream of Van Halen riffs.

2016-05-28 16.33.03When I first interviewed Lucy ‘Elle J’ Small, the concept diva of Funk the Family, two years ago, it was clear she wanted to merge the kids’ music experience with the adults’. Becoming a parent is joyous but there’s a whole identity journey running parallel to your parenthood story – your social life around music being a dichotomy. On the one hand you’re singing nursery rhymes at the library, then you’re cutting up with dance floor with your mates down Patterns (or are you?).

Lucy said, enough of this double life. What if one day a year at least we could bring it together? She put together a team with an ethos to deliver a truly chilled day for both parents and kids. A safe space for parents to connect with their kids without the stress of crowds or queues.

AND the grown-ups want to make a weekend of it, you could also snag a ticket to Funk the Format the day before, with a fabulous after party down The View on Hove seafront. (Just remember to fulfil any obligations to get up and spoil Dad for Father’s Day!)

This year, they’ve gone with a flamboyantly fun theme: mythical creatures. So channel your patronus and snap up the last of the tickets before they sell out (and they always sell out). get invited to review a lot of stuff BUT as we’re a bunch of part-time writers, we don’t always have the time to squeeze it in. But Funk the Family? We will always make time for. In fact we’re honoured to be going back!

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