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One of the challenges with pregnancy is life doesn’t really stand still, especially if you’re a working mum-to-be. Nature finds a way to keep you on your feet but it can be tiring plus tricky to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet to stay happy and healthy. Freida’s Pantry have devised a delicious, nutrient-packed bar to have on-the-go, giving mum reassurance that she’s taking in some goodness during her busy day.

When I was pregnant, I was suffering from nausea almost constantly. My body craved junk food, probably looking for energy and I’m sad to say, I probably indulged those cravings more than I should have done. I was working full-time in a fairly demanding role, I’d often come home and crash out.

Nutritious and delicious Freida's Pantry bars.
Nutritious and delicious Freida’s Pantry bars.

The lovely people at Freida’s sent a couple of Fertile Food bars to try, so even though cheekily, I’m not feeding, or trying to get pregnant, I couldn’t resist tasting one. I love a good health bar and prefer those densely packed with nuts, seeds and fruit, for slow release energy rather than puffed out with gluten or rice.

Looking through the list of ingredients on their nutritional information page, the bars contain all the foods I regularly use in homemade muesli or baking; raisins, flaxseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to name a few. I tried the bar with a nice cup of herbal tea, the perfect companion. And it wasn’t overly sweet, like some cereal bars or flapjacks can be.

Freida’s range also includes a Feeding Food bar, which contains a recipe widely used in the Eastern world to support recovery after birth, a stage occasionally referred to as the ‘fourth trimester’. Eastern mums consume them on a regular basis during the first 6 weeks of baby’s life as the formulation contains beneficial fats for mum and baby, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. Making these bars a potent plus convenient snack to pop in your bag if you’re planning a hospital or birth unit delivery.

We’ve included three Fertile Food bars in our pregnancy and baby bundle giveaway, simply click here to enter. Good luck!

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