For Her It Was Funny

Motivational singer, speaker and coach Laura Topper joins us a guest contributor, this month talking about techniques to take a step back and think about what is important to get angry about and what is not.

A really funny thing happened about a month ago, I was downstairs making dinner, pasta and salad my daughters favourite, and suddenly in the silence I heard a thump from upstairs, you know that thump that comes when your teenager is alone upstairs and decides to jump onto something with no awareness that they are actually upstairs and from down below it sounds as if an elephant has landed from nowhere.

Well it was that kind of a thump, so I rushed up to see what had happened. I found my daughter on the floor bent up with laughter, with all of my make-up displayed in a very non-Selfridges cosmetic counter way across her bedroom floor. Now deep within me, in that ‘make-up’ part of me that wants to scream when I see my favourite mascara brush out and down on the carpet. That part of me that had a clear agreement with my daughter that I will definitely keep clear of her beauty products and she will honour that too and lay off my £35 healing moisturiser m, that part of me wanted to scream.

However that was my direct cue to put into practice 25 years of Spiritual awareness work I practice daily. I took a breath, took a step back from the situation and let the know ‘scream’ that it wasn’t wanted, thank it for offering and send it back to where it came from, nowhere. Yes I was firm with her however I knew that I had a choice in the moment. My daughter still laughing had fallen off her bed whilst doing her hair and hit the floor on my make-up.

The thing is that in an instant I had a choice of how to respond to this how important really was it for me to get angry ? How important is it always for me to come from a place of love and forgiveness? How important is peace? Now I’m certainly not suggesting that as mums we become the pushover, as that doesn’t work either, what I stand for here is conversation, remain in the response not the reaction and place LOVE at the forefront of it all.

There are lessons and consequences and they can be put into place calmly and coolly at all times, what matters here are the thoughts you are having and how to create them as loving thoughts for your highest good. Remember that we paint our picture in every moment, we shape our destiny and its up to us as individuals to paint the picture that we want to live in. For me that’s one of inner love, understanding, calm, harmony, peace, gratitude and at all times forgiveness.

A good exercise to do before breaking up from school for half-term, is to get a piece of paper and write out the top 5 values that you want to embrace and the top 5 that you are willing to let go of.. and stick to this, read it daily, place it in your heart and be willing to do it… let me know:

Join Laura at ‘mama on a missiona weekly term-time group in Hassocks, Sussex Monday mornings.

Want to explore more on this topic? Call Laura for more info on 07980 568021


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