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One of the biggest challenges we face as a parent is ensuring our kids get a balanced diet with the required daily allowances of nutrients. Well it’s time for the dinnertime standoffs to end. We’ve added Phyto-fit organic fruit and vegetable powders to our mealtime box of tricks.

We’re trying Phyto Fit powder supplements this week. Part of our 5 a day. #healthyeating

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Phyto-fit powders are freeze-dried, extracting the moisture from the organic fruit and vegetable used but retaining 76% of the nutrients, which is pretty impressive, compared to other food supplements. The concept is they can be added to meals or drinks (such as smoothies) giving you an extra boost to your diet and your energy and concentration levels. The powders are available in individual packs of strawberry, packed with antioxidants; banana, the energy booster; baobab, boosting uptake of iron; Super Greens, clearing toxins and iron enriching and carrot, the cancer fighter. And those are just the headline benefits – there are almost too many to list.

Part of the food family.
Part of the food family.

My ears pricked up when Jimmy Humphris, co-Founder of the company and Head of Nutrition explained the product and their mission. They believe in using high quality ingredients with ethical suppliers plus educate people about nutrition empowering to make positive health choices. “We believe it’s time to stop spending money on medication” their catalogue declares. This is more than just a food supplement company, Jimmy believes in building communities around his brand which is where BrightonMums comes in. We champion healthy eating and fitness but not fad diets – which Jimmy doesn’t believe in either.

Phyto Fit also offer a Matcha tea product, which is one of the latest coffee shop trends. Whereas green tea products are marketed as increasing metabolic rate, Jimmy is keen to point out that’s merely one benefit. It’s teaming with antioxidants, lowering cholesterol and has even been attributed to anti-aging in the Japenese Okinawan community.

Tired of trying every trick in the book to encourage my 6 and 3 year old to eat a wide variety of greens (and not just cucumber and peas!), the powders seemed like a real option. I am a keen cook, so adding them to recipes I know the kids will eat would instantly give me piece of mind they getting the nutrients they need.

We got a bit further as the week went on.
We got a bit further as the week went on.

Phyto Fit sent us a 5 day trial pack, which comes complete with a sticker chart for the kids to track which powder they’ve had each day. As mine are still a little dubious about texture and colour, I sneaked the broccoli powder into their favourite prawn stir-fry with rice and pasta sauce.

Breakfast was a little easier, as the strawberry powder smells and looks more appealing to kids. We sprinkled some over their cereal, we never add sugar, so they felt it was a treat and wolfed their food down. I sprinkled some on my porridge to give add a tangy, fruity dimension. And that is one of the great thing about Phyto Fit, as well as helping you to ensure your kids are receiving a decent balance of nutrients, busy parents could find the powders give them the focus and energy needed to bring their A game every day.

A number of other aspects would appeal to families, such as being suitable for expectant mothers and for children over 6 months plus they have a long shelf life therefore less wastage.

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat greens and fruit? Join our exclusive FREE event Friday 22nd May 10.30am – an exciting venue to be confirmed. Samples and nibbles. E-mail to bag your place (a baby and toddler friendly event). 

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