Easy DIY Strawberry Bag

strawberry 17

This little fella is a lovely easy project, perfect for toddlers (girls and boys!) who love to put their treasures in a little handbag.

You will need:
Fat 1/4 Red cord
Fat 1/4 red fabric for lining
Green felt
Superglue & PVA glue
Flexible magnets
2 black buttons
White and black embroidery thread

Begin by drawing a strawberry template on paper. For Symmetry we drew half the shape and then folded before cutting. Place your template onto the cord and, allowing roughly a 1cm seam allowance cut out 2 shapes. Do the same for the lining fabric and cut 2 from that as well.

 strawberry 2

Sew both pieces, right sides together, leaving the top open. Snip the edges (or use pinking shears) and turn the cord fabric the right way out and press. Leave the lining as it is and put to one side.

strawberry 8 strawberry 3

To make the fastener, take a piece of felt, fold it in half and put it underneath the bag. In pen (fabric marker is best) outline the top of the bag so that the shape is similar and cut out as per the picture below. Glue one half of the felt with PVA and stick to the back of the bag. You could stitch it on, but the glue will add strength to the felt.

strawberry 4 strawberry 5

Now to embroider the face. Begin by sewing on button eyes then back-stitch a smile. Embroider little white stitches to make it look more like a strawberry, on the front and back.

strawberry 6 strawberry 7

Superglue a strip of flexible magnet at the inside top of the bag for the fastener. Now take your lining and fold the un-sewn edges down and press. Insert into the bag, pin in place and stitch carefully all the way around. Take another magnet and glue to the centre of the inside of the felt (make sure to check you’re gluing it the right way by testing it first against the sewn in magnet.

strawberry 9 strawberry 10

For the strap, take a strip of cord 3cm wide and about 40cm long. Fold each edge in and press, then fold in half and press again. Sew all the way along.

strawberry 13 strawberry 14

Place each end about an inch inside the bag and hand sew to the seams of the lining.

 strawberry 15

You’re all done! A lovely little fruity friend for your toddler. You could even stitch a lemon or a watermelon bag perhaps?!

 strawberry 18 strawberry 16

strawberry 19

Tia & Laura from Little Button Diaries x

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