Don’t Send Me A Valentine

Valentine’s Day is creeping. In our house, we ignore it. Almost completely.

To me the day has become commercial to the point of being the most ‘unromantic’ day of the year. Any Valentine’s gesture comes as part of a package, dictated by day which in turn was leveraged by the card companies. Yet, if we completely ignore it, especially when you’re running a business, you risk not capitalising on yet another ritual in the promotional calendar.

Hasn’t it gone beyond a bit of ‘fun’? There’s real pressure on couples to make a grand display to validate the intensity of their feelings. It took me and my husband a long time to ensure that neither one felt hurt if we did absolutely nothing. We are finally there with the exception of cards which we customise or find absurdly rude and funny greetings.

I am enjoying the Valentine’s Day backlash, which while primarily aimed at cynical singles, it’s something us parents can identify with. Romance takes a different meaning in the throes of manic family domesticity. A touching and loving gesture could simply come in the form of remembering you prefer Galaxy’s Salted Caramel rather than the normal Caramel flavour chocolate. Or putting the coffee maker on in the morning. Last year, a bunch of parent and non-parent mates celebrated down the pub with a late lunch, wine and catching up. Our local pub is even doing an ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ themed night, I could not be more proud.

For some though, Valentine’s Day could be about more than just about romance. The finances have recovered after Christmas plus spring is around the corner. The timing could be right for a treat, a splurge and some quality time with your partner.

If you’re a regular reader of posts and social media, you’ll know we support local business rather than big chains and large corporations. We took the plunge to set up this site as a community hub during the credit crunch, promoting local causes and supporting the local economy. So if you ARE doing Valentine’s Day, go local, go independent.


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