DOCUMENTARY: Can Pink Be For Boys?

2013-05-07 14.32.48Screenhouse production compare are looking for parents to take part in a science documentary exploring gender stereotyping in parenting. As you can imagine we get a few requests to ‘access’ our mums network here in Brighton, particularly because of the diverse range of parenting styles to be found. I spoke to Barbara Govan, the producer, to find out more about the film and it’s aims. Here’s her appeal:

“Does your young son challenge the expected behaviour of boys?

Science film makers exploring parenting are looking for parents whose sons want to wear dresses as part of their self-expression. This is a serious documentary examining gender stereotypes and how conforming to them can cause harm to boys and girls.

We are especially interested in examining the limits that can be imposed on young boys where they naturally want experiences which society labels as “for girls”. Why do we accept the idea of the Tom Boy in a girl while the Boy Princess appears to be off limits?

Research we’ve seen shows a connection between limiting and censuring how young boys develop with problems in teens and adulthood with depression and self harm. We need to find parents who are supporting their son’s love of pink, wearing “girls’” dress – up and other so-called girl behaviour.

This is not a shock doc but a serious examination of how imposing gender stereotypes can cause harm to our children. That’s why we want to find parents who are supporting their sons in a free exploration and development of their identities including wearing dresses. We’d also like to find parents who are struggling with the issue; find out how friends and family support them or otherwise and showing how the rest of us can benefit from questioning how gender stereotyping is affecting our parenting decisions.”

Contact: for more information.

Screenhouse is an award winning science TV production company.

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2 Comments on “DOCUMENTARY: Can Pink Be For Boys?”

  1. How interesting – I trust your judgement on her being sound – such an important topic. I’ve sent her the email of some friends of mine whose boy just loves wearing dresses – he’s probably better than his ma at balancing in wedge heels as well?! they’ve just had another little son though, so I’ve let her know that although they’ve got lots of thoughts to share, they’ve not got a huge amount of energy.

    1. Brilliant, thanks. They’ve been charged with going ‘deeper’ than your average shock doc, so she’s trying to find families with a variety of approaches to gender stereo typing. Interesting lady!

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