Discovering Spring With Sheffield Park Gardens

Last month we took a trip to Sheffield Park and Garden. And joined the National Trust. Cementing my entrance into my 40’s and middle age.

2015-03-25 21.53.33I may mock National Trust membership as a sign of middle-age to save face but the reality is the programs of activities they put on for kids, especially in school holidays, is brilliant value for money. Our family are used to seascapes and walks by the beach but huge trees, endless fields and plant life too numerous to count is few and far between in the city centre. Brighton’s parks are amazing but as our youngest is nearly 4 years of age, we craved a change of scene.

Sheffield Park and Garden is only 30 minutes drive from our part of Brighton making it ideal for a morning or afternoon visit, meaning if the kids pass their interest threshold we can bolt it back home. We weren’t members of the National Trust and actually planned to walk around the free part of the park but it was cold, wet and we weren’t all wearing appropriate footwear. When we saw the price of the family membership and factored in our plans to camp around England and Wales during the next half-term breaks and holidays, it was a no-brainer. (Actually when we saw the price of touring the gardens without being members, we nearly upped and left!). Whilst there aren’t many National Trust properties in the immediate Brighton and Hove area, there are plenty a reasonable car ride away and plenty along our planned holiday routes later in the year.

The girls both got a nature watch sheet where they could tick of the first signs of spring they spotted. And immediately after setting off on the garden path we saw bluebell shoots and birds nests in the trees. Then were greeted by hungry mallards by the lake, it was almost too much excitement in such a tranquil place. But the nature trail fell by the wayside when the girls started to hunt for sticks (kids love sticks) until they were rather gobsmacked by the large tree section of the garden!

After a tour, it was time for well earned tea and cake in the extremely quaint and traditional tea room. Scones, jam and cream all round! Delicious.

But what better way to show you how much fun we had than a video blog. Enjoy.

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