De-clutter, De-stress and Create Space

I don’t know about you but I feel positively soothed and mentally detoxed when I’ve had a clean up of any or all of the following:

– paperwork e.g. leaflets, receipts, letters, etc. in a pile on my desk

– my wardrobe e.g. given long unused items to friends, charity, or ripped them up to use as cleaning cloths

– kitchen cupboards and the fridge e.g. used up or chucked out things that are passed their use by date

Clearout pic


As January is a key month when many people decide to ‘detoxify’ their body by drinking less/not at all and eating better after the Christmas splurge, why not do the same for your personal space — your home. Perhaps your work-space needs it too!

Why do I have this?

More often than not, it doesn’t take as long as we think it will. So set yourself a time limit, put some tunes or the radio on and simply get to it!

Once you’ve de-cluttered, reduced the excess and creatied more space, why not get some fresh flowers or a plant to brighten up the place!

Lucy’s Tips:

Aim for one small area at a time, as opposed to being over ambitious. That way you will complete a your goal more easily and be able to (satisfyingly) tick it off your list, instead of having it partly done, taking up mental space as you’ve got to go back to it.

Perhaps involve others in the task to help get it done faster, have another opinion — or just to keep you company.

Reward yourself once you’ve completed what you set out to do. It doesn’t have to be cake or something indulgent. If you’re a busy person, simply enjoy a 10-minute tea break to sit peacefully.

And finally, observe how you feel now you’ve gotten rid of the old and unnecessary, and created space!

The sound of music

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Lucy is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and personal trainer based in Brighton. Her passion for dance and fitness has brought her to her current position as yoga teacher, personal trainer and pre and post-natal exercise specialist. Lucy gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl early September 2014. In her spare time Lucy can be found dancing, walking by the sea, checking out live music gigs locally and baking healthy vegan goodies.

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