Day 18 – Make-up A Face To Last

Want your party make-up to last all night? Here’s how to create a look that lasts.

1. Ensure you’re exfoliated and any moisturiser has absorbed into the skin. It shouldn’t look oily.

2. Use a foundation which offers excellent coverage but doesn’t flake or cake. Technically you should use a brush to apply (uses less product) but I prefer my (clean) fingers for a less smeared look, I use a sponge to blend the jaw and hairline.

2014-12-13 13.27.58
Ahem. Obviously you should take your make-up off before going to bed.

3. Finish your base off with powder coverage. Some make-up experts say not to use a tinted powder but I find a light dusting of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish works. It doesn’t contain talc, the fine consistency works with the natural contours of your skin. It’s no accident these first 3 steps are about the base of your make-up, as a good base is the real secret to flawless, long-lasting make-up.

4. Hold your eyeshadow in place by using a base. Of course I use MAC Pro Longwear Paintpots, tacky enough for the powder to stick but dry enough that it doesn’t crease. Use fingers to work it in, a sponge to smooth over, clear any excess (otherwise it will crease).

5. Liquid or gel eyeliner is smudge free classic glamour. Use after applying shadow before coating the lashes with mascara.

6. Set glitter with glue. Not REAL glue! Using a cotton button dab cosmetic glue to areas you want to put the glitter. I use Manic Panic’s Glam Glue, it does the job! Using another cotton bud, dab on the glitter. Don’t rub, don’t brush on.

7. Try  low maintenance lips. Option 1 is to go nude, especially if you’re heavy on the eye make-up. Try using some tinted lip balm if you must look juicy! Option 2 is set lips with Lipcote. It stings and dries the lips up but it works, making it perfect for drink resistant evening-long colour.

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