Dad’s Jacket For The Cycle Commute

When the husband needed a new jacket for his daily cycle commute to work there were a few essential criteria on the list: waterproof, warm and fit (for a 6’3″ tall bloke). 

After a bit of disastrous bit of fashion gifting for the husband years ago, I was told not to buy clothes again. Apparently what I thought would look good, isn’t what the man wanted to wear. So when it was clear from the condition (and smell) that he needed a new jacket for his everyday commute to work, I was fortunate enough to hook up with the mighty Jacamo men’s fashion site.

There’s a beautiful range of coats and jackets to suit all styles. I could have imagined the husband wearing a number of them. When he finally settled on a choice I could easily see why I’m not allowed to make them for him! I would have gone for the red fur-lined hooded coat in this line-up. And I can only dream that he’d wear the super stylish French Connection mac, first in the picture below.

But I knew very well, we were in the market for practical that would fit well on a tall man. He opted for the Snowdonia 3 in 1 jacket – fully waterproof with taped seams it’s the perfect companion to his cycling waterproof trousers should he get caught in the rain. The fleece lining can detach and be worn on its own, as can the outer coat – hence the 3 in 1.

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There’s plenty of zipped pockets on the outside and inside – perfect for popping keys and money while cycling.

Not only is the coat ideal for my husband’s cycle commute in all weathers, but it’s also perfect for weekend coastal living too. From our house on the hill, it isn’t easy to tell how fierce or biting the wind will be for seaside walks. Now he doesn’t have to second guess what to wear, as there are 3 options in one coat. 

Even I have to admit, it’s a great fit on him (plus I’m very glad to see the end of the smelly old green coat). 



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