Cybermummy Meet and Greet!

We are Brighton Mums and we wanted to introduce ourselves ready for Cybermummy tomorrow. Cybermummy is a massive mum (and dad) bloggers conference with lot’s of workshops to develop our blogging education and a chance to meet each other after months of speaking away on twitter.

So in time for the event here is a little about ourselves!

Name:   Claire Jones-Hughes
Twitter ID:   @contentedmummy @Brightonmums

Height:   5ft 3
Hair:   Shoulder length, mid brown with blonde highlights

Eyes:   Green
Likes:   make-up, music (listening and playing), travel, cultivating friendships, writing

Hates:  bigots, regrets, bad journalism, prejudice and bad customer service

Additional Info: I’m lucky to be sponsored for Cybermummy by Social Media Mums, specialising in flexible social media solutions for business. I’m excited to be meeting a whole host of people I tweet (potentially!) and putting names to faces in the on-line community.

Name:   Michelle McCann but prefer Chelle
Blog:   The Adventures of Mamma McCann and Brighton Mums
Twitter ID:   @MammaMcCann @SocialMediaMums @BrightonMums
Height:   5ft 3
Hair:   Short Brown Bob ( this month)
Eyes:   Blue
Likes:   Freckles, red heads (hubby and Fizz are both ginger J), music, gigs, reading (but never have the time), blogging of course (again never seem to have a lot of time),  stationery (I also manage to have 3-4 diaries over the year), mobile internet, vampire fiction, indie music – check out the hubby

Hates:  gingerists – I want my daughter to be proud of her gorgeous orange hair, dirtiness (I was an cleaning OCD prepregnancy and have learnt to chill out…abit), laziness (but sometimes am myself J), rudeness….

Additional Info: I’m very lucky to be sponsored for Cybermummy by @MaclarenBabyUK @ukbabyshows and @cloggsuk have sent me some sexy boots to wear. I am really looking forward to meeting a lot of people that supported me through my pregnancy and into motherhood – especially those in the middle of the night feed tweeters!

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