I Create, Therefore I Am

If I don’t write or photograph each day, a little part of me feels stifled. It’s almost as if I’m not creating something each day, I don’t exist – a kind of ‘I create, therefore I am’ philosophy.

The great thing about living in Brighton, is I’m surrounded by artists and performers. Not only in the many creative outlets in our city but also at the local pub, at work and even at the school gates. That was evident from the Children’s Parade, the display of community creativity and freedom of thought around the theme of Poetry In Motion (one of  my favourite themes so far I think).

Like many people, I dabble in a bit of all creativity. I used to paint and draw but rarely find the time for that now. I tend to use my smartphone to get creative with photography, Brighton being the perfect backdrop. And with the internet being an image-hungry place these days, I always get an opportunity to use my creations – either here on the blog or on Instagram.

Budding photographer? Dabble a bit in your spare time? I’ve been tinkering with a new platform called million eyez.  Photographers can put images to good use by adding them to photo boxes started by bloggers or publishers. The images can be used freely on sites but  it uses an embed method, which means credit appears automatically on the image and links back to the photographers profile on the site. It gives them a good chance of being used and raises your profile in a more reliable way in my view.

There’s also a great community of creators from all around the world, all giving you feedback on your images too.

PLUS if you are a blogger/ photographer they have a giveaway running until early June to win an Olympus Pen if you try it out in a post. Create your own photo box or simply embed someone else’s photo. There’s a great library to choose from.

This is collaborative post in conjunction with the platform but all views are my own!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel, I am a very creative person and hate it when I don’t have time to write each day or take photos or do actual crafts, I feel stressed. My husband is originally from Brighton, he took me there once and I loved it. We hope to take the family there one year.

    1. Brighton is waiting for you Sabrina! 🙂 it’s a very creative town. The festival open houses are awesome.

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