Crafty corner #1 – A home-made, reusable, thrifty and beautiful advent calendar

Hand crafted advent
Our homemade advent calendar


The time of year is fast approaching that the kids stuff in a chocolate over breakfast and argue over whose turn it is to open the calendar.  Well, not this time!  December shall be calm and filled with love and carols, for we have hand-crafted our own, refillable and beautiful advent calendar.  All I need to do is fill up the drawers with sweets or teeny toys, depending on how much I mind about the kids teeth.

We made this one last year, and everyone joined in, so its a real family project. The kids painted the wood blank (which we bought here), making sure to cover every inch in bright, festive colours.  Then, using gloopy glue, we pasted on pictures cut out from old cards and good quality wrapping paper.  We added buttons, pearls, stars and decorations as well as numbers for each drawer.  We also used pearls and diamante that I had picked up from a haberdashery.  You can add anything you like.  A natural one would be gorgeous, with leaves, berries and pinecones.  (ooh what a great idea)!

I then sent the kids out and varnished it all (this is a sticky, smelly job and needs to be left a couple of days to dry thoroughly).  This one has a great space underneath, which we plan to make a tiny nativity for.  So its painted dark blue and twinkly with stars.

We will need to add more bits this year, as some of the decorations have been picked/fallen off, but I think that makes it even more fabulous, as it evolves as your family grows.  Wonderful.

All I need to do this year is to find a couple of items for each drawer (for each girl).  I might use activities instead, so each one has a little note in, with say ‘bake some mince pies’ or ‘find your stocking’.  I’m a bit wary of making a rod for my own back though!  I’ll let you know.  🙂



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