Cookery Doodle Doo

For our 100th post on our new site, we welcome Katie Elfer, our new guest blogger as well as launching her own kids activity class: Cookery Doodle Doo.

Cooking with children can be so good for their confidence and great fun, but it can also be hard work! Thinking of suitable recipes and then trying not to use every wooden spoon in existence while controlling the flour throwing and sugar grabbing can be a challenge. We have what was once a nice sofa at home that is now COVERED in little paw prints from little batter- caked hands.  It can be a real pleasure to teach your little ones about food, but it can also be quite frightening as the mess unfolds around you! Nobody wants to be the mean mummy saying ‘No’ all the time do they? Equally, nobody wants to be the slobby mummy living in a cake encrusted hovel either.  So that is the dilemma.

Cookery Doodle Doo was born out of this idea. The concept is simply that they understand you want to teach your kids about food and generally let loose and have fun cooking with them: but you don’t want to have to deal with all the mess and clearing up afterwards. Cookery Doodle Doo run a programme of cookery and food-craft events to run in central Brighton. They aim to be fun, educational and creative – but also make life a bit easier for busy mums and dads. They do all the organisation and clearing up so that parents can just have fun and enjoy playing with their kids!

Each event has a different theme around a hobby, trend, geography or seasonal celebration so there is always something new to learn about. We make everything from edible airplanes and spacecrafts to veggie- packed cupcakes! Children come away with more cookery know-how, a yummy meal or treat but the best news? No mess! They provide absolutely everything down to the aprons so that you can just get stuck in and have fun and then carry on your day while they clear up afterwards.

For a parents and child to attend costs £15 which includes all the equipment, ingredients and instruction for the 2 hour session. Extra siblings cost just £5 more and additional adults are free.  So a family of 4 could spend an afternoon cooking together and take away something yummy to eat for less than the cost of lunch in a cafe. You can also visit their website for inspiration on recipes for simple, family friendly meals in their section, ‘What’s for tea tonight’.

For more details on events and classes visit their website.

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