Chocoholly Christmas

Chelle was invited to attend a chocolate workshop and with Christmas coming what is the perfect present? Well home made chocolate of course!

Chocoholly’s in Hove was a really lovely setting for this workshop, especially when welcomed with a glass of prosecco to start the session.

The first part of the session relied on Holly demonstrating how we were going to make chocolate and also explaining what goes into each element of truffle making. It was encouraging to know that we would be giving a sheet of instructions to follow that we could also use at home.

Holly was a great host, perhaps a little more confidence when answering the groups questions but overall it was a very homely feel. Everyone was made to feel at ease asking questions so they could perfect their chocolate making later.

There were 8 of us in the group and I did feel that this was a few too many. It would have been really lovely to work on one big table as a group as so we could see what each other were doing and also it seemed a little fragmented.

I did love the second part of the workshop as this was when we got to get our hands chocolatey and express our personality through what we were making. I got a bit messy as my hands were very warm but as the session was very free it was fine to take a break and wash hands, take a breather then go back to creating our master pieces.

Holly made sure she went round to each person on the workshop whilst we were making, handing out tips and advice and then some lovely ribbons to decorate our goodie bags with.

I did get to make enough for two presents of chocolate and learnt how to make truffles, temper the chocolate and indulge a little too.

Would I go back? Yes I would – it was a lovely way to spend a dull Saturday afternoon and make some individual gifts and the knowledge that I could now make chocolate gifts at home for a fraction of the price of buying was really eye opening. Even using items we consider as being more expensive, such as fair trade cocoa, works out at a really reasonable price.

I will be experimenting shortly but for me it also meant I had some me time so well worth the experience .

The chocolate workshop was £45 for two hours. Ours fell short of this time but I do think our group whizzed through the truffle making quite quickly.

If you are looking for lovely Christmas presents Chocoholly also make boxes to order. The assistant that helped me was very open especially when discussing what couldn’t be put into a parcel for a breast feeding mum.

All that is left is to buy my charity christmas cards.

Chocoholly’s is found at 27 Western Road, Hove.






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