Charming Brighton: Create some shrink Jewellery

shrink plastic charms 15

Bring a little of where you live to your jewellery with these super easy shrink plastic charms. I made these Brighton shrinkies for a friend of mine who moved to Australia, to remind her of our little seaside city.

You will need:
Shrink plastic
pencil & coloured pens
small jump rings
plain necklace/bracelet

Here’s How:

DRAW: Find suitable images to copy and then draw out your images on shrink plastic in pencil. To make a charm measuring 2cm high your image should be around 6cm.

shrink plastic charms

COLOUR: Fill in the images in with pens (or coloured pencils for a softer image). Test to see how the colour works next to the image before colouring in as the plastic often causes it to bleed. Bear in mind that the final image will be darker. Rub out the pencil.

  shrink plastic charms 2

SNIP: Cut out the image and use a punch to create a hole at the top of the charm

shrink plastic charms 3  shrink plastic charms 4

BAKE: Place your images on some baking paper and place in an oven (preheated to about 180c) for around 3 minutes – if you can watch the charms as they shrink down. They will curl about – don’t take them out until they are flat!

shrink plastic charms 6 shrink plastic charms 9

JUMPRING: Open the ring sideways with some pliers, to create a gap large enough to insert the charm. Once in place close the ring with the pliers.

shrink plastic charms 10 shrink plastic charms 13

THREAD: Attach to the necklace, and you’re done!

shrink plastic charms 14

shrink plastic charms 17

shrink plastic charms 20

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Tia & Laura x