Can I survive personal training?

If you’ve been following myself & Claire on twitter you will know that this year we have both taken our own routes into kicking our bodies into shape.

For me I’ve started quite slowly with my weight loss efforts. I knew I loved to run and so started that way.

There are lots of free running groups in Brighton but I chose one that is specifically for women that runs every Monday night at 6:30pm from the Odeon. The time is perfect for me as I can leave Fizz with daddy and then go for my run. It’s ends my Monday on a positive note.

I decided at the beginning to take a weekly picture or myself to show how my body is changing rather than constantly weigh myself.

So I’m about 4 months in. And Steve (who runs the running club) encourages me to step it up a gear and we agree on some weekly personal training. This is great for me. A) I need the routine and B) Steve will out me online if I don’t pull my weight. That may sound awful but you know the embarrassment is just what I need.


So my first session meant I got angry with myself. Unlike running I couldn’t keep up as well and I struggled. I know that this is the first week but I need to remember to turn that anger into motivation to do better next time and the time after that.

We worked my arms and legs and at points I was wobbly. My thighs in particular were still stiff yesterday. But I need to remember this was just the first week.

Are you setting a fitness goal this summer? We would love to hear yours and how you are trying to achieve them!

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2 Comments on “Can I survive personal training?”

  1. Yes!! I have joined the gym finally! After moaning about it for so long and I am now on my toning mission!! 🙂

    That’s mean he would out you online though, glad it works for you! Keep at it you’re doing AMAZEEEE! <3

    Hannah x

  2. I too have upped my excersise this year. I go to a fantastic Pilates class which has really built my core strength, posture and balance. I’ve been cycling for a couple of years now too and I can easily ride 50 miles on the Snowdonia mountain roads.. Well, maybe ‘easily’ is an exaggeration! I’m happier than I’ve ever been with my fitness level, and my mental health and my anxiety levels are also improved. Have I lost weight? Erm.. No! See my problem is food, I love to eat and drink cold beer on a sunny day, My diet is mostly healthy, with hardly any processed food but I eat way too much. If you want to lose weight, excersise is great, but it’s your diet that’s going to rid you if the wobbly bits. 20% excersise 80% diet …. I have a great 6 pack hiding under the blubber 🙂 for the past week I’ve made an effort to cut down on the carbs, my clothes are feeling looser already.. Yipee! Hopefully I can shift the extra 21lb I’m carrying before our school reunion later this year??! Good luck with your new fitness training, make sure you enjoy it. Xxxx

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