Burpees to babies?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant. But should this be the end of your high intensity sessions OR the beginning of a get fit-quick journey for the health of your baby & you. Are you worried about weight-gain, stretch marks or even varicose veins.

Here are my top tips to get you through safely.

Trimester one:
1) Treat your body similarly to before pregnancy, if you had an exercise routine, stick with it. However, this isn’t the time to start doing star jumps if you never have.
2) begin your pelvic floor strengthening quest. (the PF is the muscle between your pubic bone and coccyx holding everything in) Lay on floor, knees bent, holding your PF in is easy, imagine you are holding on b4 going to the toilet, hold & release – easy! Try 3 sets of 10 fast hold & release & 3 sets of 10 slow hold & release.
Trimester two:
1) Forget about your abs as these are concentrating on stretching for your lovely baby. Work on your legs instead, squats are great and can equally work on your PF as well as your coming up from the squat
3 sets of 10 squats (make sure your chest is open & you have a chair handy for balance)

2) Working the muscles on your back/bottom is great for strengthening & preparing for birth. Go onto all fours, make sure your balanced, lift & lower one leg and then swap, once confident try lifting the opposite arm as well
(3 sets) 10 x one side & 10 x the other

Trimester three:
1) With labour looming, getting out for some long walks can help with preparing for the long journey ahead

2) Working on strengthening your arms is a great idea, get into a comfortable seated position, raise arms to shoulder height, making slow circular motion
Try: 10 x forward & 10 x back (3 sets)


My top tip for prenatal exercise is not to be afraid but always see your GP before hand – enjoy each exercise and remember that is benefiting both you & baby.

Happy exercising
P.S check out www.facebook.com/babiesandburpeesfor more exercising tips/videos & fun!

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