Bronagh Duffy: Stylish Shopper

Stylish Shopper Bronagh

Meet Bronagh Duffy, mum of three, columnist personal shopper & stylist. She runs

Lives? Just off Preston Circus

Age? 38 (Gasp! I know! I look 22….)

Kids? 3; 8 year old twins Finlay & Ruby, and Ned who is 3 and ½.

Partner? Married to Alan, he’s a writer.

Brighton born & bred? Of course not, originals seem few and far between! My husband and I are originally from Dublin and came to Brighton via London when the twins were babies.

What’s the best thing about being a parent in the city? There is so much on offer and everything is so accessible, no hours of sitting in traffic to go anywhere.

Occupation? Stylist/Personal Shopper and fashion columnist for Absolute Brighton magazine.

What are your interests? Like any Mum, between the kids and work there isn’t a lot of time! Shopping isn’t just work, I do genuinely love to shop. But Alan got me rollerblading lessons for my last birthday, which is the best present I have ever had, I love it! And I’ve also become a zumba fan like every other woman in Brighton! Besides that and when I can, reading, politics, comedy…

What’s your favourite Brighton memory (with or without child)? The first morning after we moved from London, we walked into North Laine for breakfast, and I remember looking around in amazement that I lived in a place with all this on my doorstep! After eating we strolled down to the beach, it was magical. I was pushing the twins in the buggy and I remember thinking how amazing would it be to grow up here, to be teenagers here. I can’t think of another place like it. Of course, now I’m slightly less excited about the prospect of my babies someday heading down to West Street on a Saturday night…still though!

Favourite place in Brighton and vicinity? So many to choose from, I love the view from the racecourse over Brighton and all down the coast.

Any links to personal websites or business sites? Twitter: @stylishshopper

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