Brighton’s Vegging Out Festival

On Saturday March 28th 2015 I attended an event called ‘VegFest’ at the Brighton Centre. As a lifelong vegan I was keen to go for my second year running, and see what goodies were on offer – both food and many other types of products.

We got there at 10.50am and joined the queue outside the doorway for an 11am opening. Within about five minutes the queue had quadrupled in size, all the way to the cinema and around the corner!! – Wowee, this was a popular event!

Before the venue got absolutely rammed (which wasn’t easy on my own, let alone with a fiancé and baby to keep track of) we got to check out some of the food and drink goodies on offer.

A favourite of ours (Matilda was too young to try sadly) was the sweet potato pakoras from ‘Great Food’. These were super yummy! They were a nice change to falafel too (which I adore) but a nice addition to the list of healthy snacks/sandwich filler/salad addition.

While by the cooking demonstration stage I was excited to see Ellie Bedford making recipes from her wonderful children’s food book called ‘How To Eat a Rainbow’. The book is written by Ellie and her sister, Sabrina Bedford. It’s beautifully illustrated throughout, to help keep little ones excited about preparing the raw delights. I’m about to order a copy myself for when Matilda is old enough to join me in making treats that are healthier and suitable for most diets; vegans, gluten-free, refined sugar free, etc. What a lovely idea for a book!

I already love the range of snack bars/protein bars from Pulsin’ so was excited to see they’ve added two more to their range; orange chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip. Both are really good and I often pack one of their bars in case I need some energy when I’m out. They also do the little ‘beond’ fruit and nut bars (similar to the very popular nakd bars) that come in blueberry, acai, apple and cinnamon and more. These are perfect for lunch boxes for all ages and a healthy snack on the go, tucked into your handbag.

The range of Koko coconut milk drinks is lovely. Dairy free and a great source of calcium, there’s original (a nice subtle coconut taste), strawberry and chocolate to choose from. I use the original one in my tea, coffee (as it’s nice and smooth and doesn’t curdle) and protein smoothies at home and I love it. My daughter Matilda, who is seven months old, is fascinated by the colourful carton too!

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Lucy is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and personal trainer based in Brighton. Her passion for dance and fitness has brought her to her current position as yoga teacher, personal trainer and pre and post-natal exercise specialist. Lucy gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl early September 2014. In her spare time Lucy can be found dancing, walking by the sea, checking out live music gigs locally and baking healthy vegan goodies.

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