A Brighton Tale

Author Luke Swaine pours some real-life experience into his latest novel, A Brighton Tale. He tells us his motivation for writing and gives a flavour of the story.

The idea for “A Brighton Tale” started almost a decade ago. The story helped me to cope with difficult issues in my life, such as two difficult relationship break ups and being away from my children.

The concept of the story is fiction, however it is shrouded in fact and parts of the story is either a metaphor or a shadow of my own life, the story grew with me and allowed me to grow as well, it has now developed into a story that is very personal to me and one I am very proud of, I hope others will read and enjoy it.

I moved to Brighton when I was in my early 30’s, I had to live in a hostel at the as I had just left my home in Steyning after a difficult break up. The hostel was full of people addicted to drugs, also people with severe mental health conditions. My room was small and cramped but it was all I could afford at the time, they had freshly painted the place I lived in which I thought was nice at the time, but at 2am in the morning and every morning when I lived there I woke with a migraine and had to walk round Brighton to clear my head, this is when I started to formulate my story, to take my mind off the chaos and mayhem I lived in.

When I moved to Brighton it was under circumstances that were not of my own making so it was a very uncomfortable place to be for a couple of months, but I leant to adapt and eventually enjoy where I lived. Brighton is such a magical place, a place that I have come to appreciate and it holds a special place in my heart. Whilst I lived in Brighton, I found most of the character for my book, as I said they are all real people apart from Mrs Haymore who is actually Hattie Jacques, (from the carry on films.)

I don’t want to speak too much about the story as I don’t want to influence the reader, suffice to say I have knowledge of being a struggling father and have a background in mental, physical, social and behavioural issues with the career I have under taken for the past 14 years.

Here is a short synopsis about the story :-

Rob is a single father struggling to bring up his son and manage a business in his home city of Brighton. Rob has mental health conditions, which makes it difficult for him to be too close to others and he can’t touch or be touched, unless it is his beloved son Jack. He lives with his mysterious wife Becca.

The story shows the unique way Rob looks at the world and the events going on around him from within his self-made protective bubble, his search for a normal life and the highs and lows that this brings. This story highlights the struggles Rob must go through, the challenges he must face to keep his son and the fight with accepting the road to recovery.

This touching and compelling tale, with a hint of the paranormal, is a must for all fans of stories of lost love and a struggle to find acceptance and a new beginning.

Can Rob pick up the pieces of his life? If not for his own sake but for his sons. Is he strong enough to face his demons alone or will he have help from the spirit world?  Read now this emotional and charming tale set against the backdrop of beautiful Brighton.

Initially I thought the idea of writing a story was impossible, but now I believe it is possible for anyone as long as there is emotion within the words and you can as a write try and connect this to you audience even if the subject matter is alien to the reader. As I was once told there is a story in all of us, I still believe to this day it is true.

I left Brighton and a career as a support worker in a therapeutic unit (a job and a place I loved,) with a heavy heart as my partner at the time was pregnant and she wanted to be with her family so, we moved to Pembrokeshire a place that was loved by us both.

We lived there together through many difficult years and one day I knew our relationship was not working so I left, living on a campsite for three months whilst saving money for a deposit to rent, it wasn’t a moment too soon as the nights were bitter cold by then. When I moved into my first property I started to write to take my mind off the situation and the bitter cold, this was due to the heating not working and my landlord was always too busy to fix it.

I have written my story a few times since then and moved to many different properties around the Pembrokeshire area, I feel at the time this was because I felt unsettled in myself.

I now live here settled, have a loving partner, wonderful children and I am writing again, which is something I love and I feel is in all of us. So I encourage you to put pen to paper or fingertips on your keyboard and write.

Please preview or buy my book “a Brighton Tale” on Amazon.co.uk

If you enjoy it please write a review and tell your family and friends.

Luke Swaine

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