Mother’s Day Gifts for Brighton Mums!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Yes, you read that correctly fellow parents – this Sunday!


I had a very panicked man approached me in Waitrose last Friday, red faced and sweating: “Excuse me,” he said “Is it Mother’s Day on Sunday?”

Sensing his fear I replied calmly, “No, it’s on 30th March. You’ve got over a week to go.”

Relief washed over his face, “Thank god for that!” he replied, and off he went to get his free coffee.


So, if you’ve found yourself in a similar position this week, then this is my gift to you: I’ve compiled a list of fabulous presents that are perfect for Brighton Mums!

brighton mum mug

“Brighton’s Best Mum” mug by Hove designer Martha Mitchell. Isn’t it gorgeous? I know for a fact that Mr H has bought me this for Mother’s Day, after a not-so subtle email from me with the subject “HINT”. I personally think that the entire Brighton Mums team should have these.

brighton dress

I love that Cath Kidston have released a Brighton print this Spring. This beautiful dress is just one of the items in the range, and I am so in love with it! Picture the scene; you’re walking along the seafront in June, the sun is beating down on your face as you push the pram, and you’re looking fabulous in this stunning dress teamed with a pair of cute pumps and your sunglasses. You will personify “Brighton in Summer”.


Jewellery is always a fantastic gift idea for Mother’s Day, and you don’t have to buy something that will break the bank. Brighton designers RockCakes have a gorgeous range on their Etsy page, but I’m especially in love with this red necklace! Funnily enough it would look fabulous with the Cath Kidston dress above… I think my credit card might be making an appearance after writing this post.


Is your Mum an eager Writer like the Brighton Mums team? Or does she keep a journal? This beautiful hand bound journal made by fellow Brighton Mama, Mooshpie, would be the ideal gift. It’s simply stunning and incredibly special.

mothers day card

Finally, if you don’t do presents for Mother’s Day but do give cards, then how about this fab card Brighton designers hello DODO?

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your household? Have you bought your Mum something wonderful already? We’d love to know!