Brighton Entertaining You – Why You Should Visit Brighton

It’s no secret that Brighton is one of the best places to live in the country, and it’s also one of the most popular UK holiday destinations. From couples going for a weekend getaway, to foreign English students looking to find a nice home for the summer whilst they hone their new language skills, Brighton has a lot to offer visitors, and it’s fairly easy to see most of the top attractions in a short stay.

With the seaside city offering so much more than just a beach and an army of slot machines, Brighton lures you in with its unique ‘seaside meets the city’ feel and beautiful scenery. With some hard to beat nightlife, found at such venues as Life Club and Coalition, and a city packed with character on every street, it is a place where you find yourself discovering new things even after years of living there.

From Film History to Architectural Genius

Living in Brighton, I am lucky enough to be able to bask in both a city that is home to some poignant films from the past and present, as well as some architectural genius.

The Duke of York’s cinema is a must-see for anyone who appreciates film. It’s one of the oldest cinemas in the country, so visitors can enjoy a slightly different film experience. Coming up to its 100th birthday, the art-house cinema has a lot to be proud of, and won the award for the best cinema in the country. You can find a completely different type of film at the Duke of York’s and you may even find some up and coming unknown films.

To accompany this little gem, Brighton is also the proud home to such great films as Quadrophenia, Brighton Rock, Carry on Girls and Mona Lisa. Worth mentioning is the fact that Quadrophenia shapes a culture of opposing fashion senses and attitude that is still present today in the form of a more tame take on the 70’s Mods and Rockers movement.


If you are wondering through the city’s town centre and are fortunate enough to fall into an opening of true beauty then you have entered the Pavilion gardens. The Pavillion gardens hosts the Royal Pavilion – a stunning Taj Mahal-styled palace sitting in the middle of a garden of beautiful flora and fauna. Originally designed to be fit for a king, the gardens are now open to the public and offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Once Mods and Rockers Now Clubbers Heaven 

Brighton is busting at the seams with musical history, and today is still a prominent place for live music and night life that is rivaling the country’s capital.

There are two prominent areas for club nights, one of which is the seafront strip, where you will find such venues as Life Club, Audio, Digital and Coalition. These clubs are regularly packed-out with fans of some of the UK’s hottest acts in both the Dance and Indie world, from Skrillex to Jessie J.

When the night is nice enough and you want a break from the clubs you can find yourself on the pebble beach, looking on at the Palace pier and watching the nightlife go by from a distance.

Tom Clark enjoys writing about travel in the UK, in particular Brighton. He writes on behalf of Drink in Brighton – and enjoys Brighton night life, live music and playing guitar.

(Image credit to zoonabar and Dominic)

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