Bright Sparks on White Night

White Night is one of the city’s most unique and exciting festivals of the year, once again most events being free of charge. We re-arranged the baby/ toddler schedule in order to experience the early part of the all-night celebration of the clocks going back.

Last year I remember seeing a baby in a buggy out with their parents around 10pm. He was snuggled up in a snowsuit, so although it was late, he was warm. Inspired by this, we went for an early tea before taking the baby and toddler plus one teenage niece round the festival. As it turned out, it was an incredibly mild evening, perfect for the little ones to be out a bit later. We stuck to the Royal Pavilion and North Laine area, as it is practical for us to catch a bus home. First stop was Jubilee Square by the Metahub, White Nights control centre, beaming images and movies of the events onto a purpose built structure in the middle of the square. We circled the Pavilion Gardens, already packed around 18:30 and the hubbub of several events reverberating against our ears.

Our last visit of the night before taking two very tired little ones home, was Brighton Museum. We needed a quiet place to feed plus I was curious to see how the Brighton Youth Theatre and Museum Collective had transformed the establishment with their theme of Your-topia, a take on the festival’s theme. At the entrance we were welcomed by two characters, The Prince Regent welcoming us to his palace and a lady I can only assume one of this mistresses!

Through the lower hall, we followed an Egyptian king and queen with their servants behind ordering ‘three of these, one of those’ while they pointed to the beautiful house collection of furniture.

Over our heads on the balcony we could hear shouts of, ‘We are the mods, we are the mods,’ all being explained in one of the upper galleries with an interpretive dramatic piece depicting mods vs rockers.

Upstairs were several activities for kids, our 3 year old and my 14 year old niece took part in producing a plaster-scene depiction of their Utopia which was being pulled together for a museum exhibit. Toddler modelled something in pink and purple which was supposed to be our cat. The whole experience was the highlight of our night, family friendly and fun, proving that the Museum and their young volunteers are as innovative as ever.

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