Breastfeed Flash Mob

Breastfeed Flash Mob is on. Thursday 15th December, 1pm, The Clocktower. We have chosen a central public venue, where there is space to be seated but also be noticed. The weather is predicted to be clear next week (i.e. no rain) but we will have an indoor Plan B venue lined up. We’ve made it lunchtime so if there’s friends or supporters working nearby who want to pop down, they could do so in their lunch break. Thanks to brilliantly proactive people, it’s looking highly likely we will have interest from local and national media. Although we want to make this a ‘flash mob’ in the truest sense, i.e. whip them out and feed all together, it does take some planning and publicity, so can’t strictly keep it secret.

What you need to do now:

Tell your network!
1. Put it in your diary. It’s a family friendly event, so bring your little ones!
2. Share the link to this post with your friends and mums groups via social media.
3. There’s a Facebook event, please accept that so we can get an idea of numbers.

On the day:
Turn up before or at 1pm, make yourselves warm/ comfortable to feed with your baby. As we are organising this pretty much on the hop we won’t be able to bring any equipment i.e. chairs or cushions although you are welcome to do so. The main purpose is to gather together publicly and show support but we obviously want to raise awareness, so there will be photographers & people taking video footage. We will organise the group so that those who don’t want to be captured are e.g. according to where they are seated or facing. You don’t have to be a breastfeeding mother to take part, we want as much support as possible to show the city that the wider community supports us.

Contact us if:
You are a business that can donate teas/ coffees or snacks (or anything else that breastfeeding mums like).
Photographer, video or audio specialist to capture some footage of the event. We probably won’t need more than 1 hour of anyone’s time.

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22 Comments on “Breastfeed Flash Mob”

  1. This is taking responsibility for one of The Ga-Zillion Issues that are part of The Fairness and Justice Movement that is ‘occupying’ concepts in Space and Time. Well done. I breastfed my two kids and my two kids are breastfeeding theirs. We’re passing it on … and as a plug …. both also prepared their pregnant bodies to become birthing bodies. They learned and used Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®. Both used their skills … one on the way to hospital, while being prepped and during a non-laboring Cesarean and the other for a hospital ‘natural’ birth.

  2. Thank you. I am 54 years old and I breastfed my two children everywhere I went. I was lucky enough to have never been told to stop. Most people were supportive. Good luck to you all

  3. Sorry I missed this – only read about it in the Mail just now. Good for you! My three are all under 5, the youngest is 2, and though no longer b’feeding, I remember it well. We parents also need better open facilities for baby changing and feeding – like in US shopping centres (see: Westfield Centre, San Francisco: “Visit the family lounge for a comfortable place to relax and recharge. The lounge features private nursing areas, baby changing-stations and a rest area with safe toys for children to enjoy.” – a few couches, a whole wall that is lined with changing stations, a couple of rocking sheep/bigger kids toys, curtained off areas, like changing rooms, to feed babies in private too etc.) Free napies / microwave / bottle warmers/ like motorway service areas have in UK. No entry without a child, but you can b’feed together with an older child who can play / watch a film safely with you at the same time rather than worry what they will do while you feed baby. (see link for photos: Well done Mums of Brighton!!!

  4. I just saw your you tube clip, amazing honey. Well done you, I really am impressed. It’s pretty ace turning something so negative into something really positive. Happy Christmas mums, boobies and babies everywhere xx

  5. Congratulations Claire on a fantastic event today – am so pleased that you had such fantastic media coverage. Really well done.
    I’ve posted a video about the flashmob on youtube – here’s a link:

    Toni xx

  6. Fantastic. If only I lived in Brighton. Great to see Mums fighting to naturalise Breastfeeding (the most natural thing in the world!).

  7. Can you post location of event page or invite me to event on fb? I want to invite my Facebook frie-fs. See you Thursday – we are calling in the troupes!

  8. Hi, I posted this on my Facebook and people are asking: why? Can you provide more information or links to articles on why this is needed please? I fully support your action, just need some info / fodder to explain to people.

    Also where is the link to the Facebook event?



  9. Nice one Claire, hope lots of people show up. If it had been the week after I would have joined you, but it’s a bit far from Falmouth 😉 xx

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