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Half-term has begun and while we hope for park weather all week long, so we can suitably tire the little ones out the forecast looks indecisively spring-like. So to avoid the screaming hoards at indoor play establishments, a little culture and inspiration for young minds can equally dispell the pent up energy usually mopped up by school. Brighton has affordable and fascinating venues.

Hove Museum LifeOur favourite is Brighton Museum. It’s on our walking route into town, so it’s easy to pop in for a quick gander at the collections especially with the buggy. Now of course, afternoon tea and cake is something the carrot I dangle over the kids to get some time in front of art but many of the items on display are conversation starters. The look of mild distaste when I tell the girls I used wear similar outfits to those on display in the fashion gallery is a classic, I had to dig out old photos to prove it.

This half-term Hove Museum is running a Hunt for Colourful Creatures, following clues to win a prize. We like puzzles and trails, especially where we can do it at our own pace, allowing my 2 year old to take part and keep up with my 5 year old.

Tell us what do you kids love about the city’s museums? Perhaps it’s the ornate lift in Hove Museum or a particular toy in the Wizard’s Attic? Or the awesome collection of birds, bones and fossils at the Booth? Or perhaps marvel at the lavishly decorated rooms in the Royal Pavilion? Share your family experiences to inspire others to make the most of this half-term.

Comment Facebook BrightonMums or Brighton Museums. On Twitter: join @brightonmums and Brighton Museum’s blogger @cazza3 on-line and share with us the experiences your kids look forward to the most in the city’s museums.

Hove Museum Dolls

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