The Benefits of Holiday Childcare at an Activity Camp

Activity camps are a great option for meeting your childcare needs for a number of reasons, including being cost effective and flexible for working parents. But what’s more, children also stand to gain a whole host of long-term benefits that will stand them in good stead for years to come.

Self-esteem and confidence

Activity camps offer children the opportunity to try out new activities in a fun and relaxed environment. They may just find they have a particular skill or strength they didn’t know about previously, which will boost their self-esteem. It will also help make them more confident in dealing with new situations, so they’ll be less likely to fear change in future.

By fostering an environment for healthy competition, activity camps give children the opportunity to build their resilience; a useful trait to help them face the challenges they’ll inevitably come across later in life.

Social skills

The experiences shared at activity camps often help forge long-lasting friendships for many children. Plus, they’ll get to meet a different set of people to their usual school friends, which will help build their confidence for meeting new people. Being able to mix with different people is a valuable life skill that is often easier to pick up when you’re young.

ArcheryNew hobbies and experiences

Activity camps offer children the opportunity to try out a whole host of new activities. At Barracudas, children can take part in activities ranging from swimming and sport to arts and crafts and science. With such a wide variety of activities on offer they stand a good chance of coming across something they’ll love doing that they’ve never done before, and may discover a lifelong interest in a new hobby.


There’s nothing better than heading outdoors – if the weather allows it! Spending time outdoors also has a range of benefits for mental and physical health. Research has shown that the rise in allergies in children may even partly be caused by a lack of contact with nature. For children living in cities, an activity camp can offer a rare opportunity to get back to nature.

Nature can spark children’s naturally inquisitive side and open their eyes to the wonders of the world. Even simple encounters with little creatures on a nature trail can feel like an adventure when you’re young.


BillyChildren nowadays have a whole host of entertainment options they can enjoy while remaining pretty sedentary, but we know being active can help their long-term mental and physical health. That’s why activity camps like Barracudas can help all children develop a habit of being active.

There’s always a range of active games at any multi-activity camp, and you don’t have to be sporty to enjoy them either. It’s all about having fun, so your child can choose to take part in a way they’re comfortable with. The exercise is an added bonus! Plus, as a parent it will make your life easier too because they’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep at the end of an active day.

Barracudas Activity Day Camps have been running day camps in the Easter and summer holidays for 25 years; our camp at Patcham High School was rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2015. For more information, visit

This is a promotional post shared on behalf of Barracudas Activity Day Camps. 

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