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Earlier this year I met Cat, a very passionate enthusiastic supporter of women’s work life after having kids. It immediately struck a chord, as I know many mums in Brighton who’ve had difficult transitions back to the workplace after having children, myself included. Here she tells us her story and the purpose behind her brilliant service.

“Baby to Boardroom was born in early 2018 with the intention to support working parents in the transition back to work. As a working parent myself, I’ve got first-hand knowledge of the challenges (and jubilation!) parents can face.

I welcomed our son into the world in October 2016. He was lovingly conceived with a little extra help through ICSI (IVF) and has completely turned my world upside down. I was still working full-time whilst injecting various hormones into my stomach, my bum and pessaries up my lala – to say I was a little distracted was an understatement. It took us two attempts. I was about to have a year away from work but mentally had been away for years!

I was fortunate enough to take a full year ‘off’ and spent this time learning how to become a parent (this learning never stops!) and having a new identity as a ‘mum’.

When I did return to work I felt ready however, I lacked in confidence, was fearful to leave my son and needed to rebuild the person I was before. She was still in there…somewhere. I asked myself constantly ‘who am I?’

I received great support from my workplace however, others aren’t quite as lucky. I developed a survey and sent it to every parent I knew, posted on LinkedIn and sent to local nurseries. The results offered a clear indication that more can be done to support others. Here’s where I step in!

Baby to Boardroom has been lovingly conceived and I’m now nurturing its growth. The idea is to coach parents prior to them returning/starting work and boost their inner confidence through clever questioning, goal setting and support.

Coffee mornings are also on the agenda to bring parents together to network and build a community of confident working parents together.

I’m also keen to share this journey with other people setting up similar parent groups. Let’s support one another and unite.

What do I know?

Firstly, I am a working parent myself. I understand the juggling needed and the daily range of emotions.

Secondly (and possibly more importantly) I am a leadership coach (ILM Level 7), An NLP and Strengthscope practitioner and have over 10 years in the learning and development industry.

I may not have all of the answers but I can certainly offer support and guide you in the right direction.”

To find out more, visit or follow Cat @baby_to_boardroom

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