Baby on Board: Do you feel the priority seat guilt?

It occurred to me on a journey to the midwife yesterday that I actually really needed to sit down as soon as possible. I am in my 3rd trimester, feeling huge and very uncomfortable. When the bump goes rigid I don’t have much choice then to stop and sit as well as the start of SPD making walking quite uncomfortable too. I actually felt guilty about taking a seat although on all the buses I used yesterday there was space for me and my 4 year old in a priority seat. I felt that people were staring at me even though and this stage it is obvious that I am pregnant. I wondered if other mums felt the same and so I asked a few friends to share their experience too.

Charlee: If you want to sit down, just ask. Nobody’s going to say no.

Hannah: I felt fine using priority seats when they were available, but sadly (and more often than not) elderly people tried to give me their seat whilst younger people ignored what was going on. I found myself going upstairs a few times if I was on a longer journey due to lack of seats. My partner would always get me a seat downstairs if I was with him but I always felt a bit embarrassed asking people to move

Katrin: I would never ask anyone to get up off a priority seat but was always happy to be offered one. What I also found is that I needed a seat much more badly in the first trimester when you don’t show! Felt too embarrassed to ask so avoided public transport as much as possible…

Maggie: I always asked for a priority seat when I needed it and none were available and felt totally justified in doing so. The bus ride can be pretty rough and was worried I would bang my bump in the top of a seat if I was left standing.

It seems most of our pregnant mums have had a really positive experience in our city which is fantastic. I feel that the priority seats could specify pregnancy too or could we ask the buses for Baby on Board badges. It can depend on how nervy a person you are to ask for a seat but also that people aren’t aware that you may need to sit down (or are too embarrassed that they will make a mistake when you may not be pregnant)

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