Amaze-ing Community Calendar Spirit

14681973_10153782555547307_1462303517491613235_oA very unique community calendar went on sale this week raising money for the Brighton charity Amaze. The Hanover Community Calendar 2017 is a collection of photographs taken by residents of this neighbourhood in a quirky and hilarious game.

The Hanover Community Noticeboard was started by resident Charlotte Bray as a way of trading favours, selling or passing on items. The board quickly became a place for discussion and spats in the Green/ Labour Ward up on the hill from the Level Park to Queen’s Park Road. There’s plenty of community spirit to be found on the board from helping to furnish houses for refugees and those in need to Calais collections and making sure lost items find their homes.

community charity calendar
The finished product – on sale now!

Among the quirky memes to spring from the board, playlists, taking a photo of lost items with a foot visible in the photo, the colour matching cars and houses game inspired residents the most. Hanover is known for it’s colourful terraced houses, so when residents spotted the same colour car bizarrely parked in a matching colour house, they snapped and shared.

The meme headed off in other directions, with people getting more and more creative each time, such as dressing their kids to match houses and snapping houses which match dogs (and coats).

Nicky from Amaze charity asked the community if she could compile these into a calendar to raise money for their cause supporting children with SEN and disabilities in Brighton. There was overwhelming support for the project, the calendars became available this week and they have already raised £1000 in just one day of sales.

I haven’t got mine yet! By from pictures I’ve seen, each month is themed mostly around colour. I was very proud to have one of my photos features, a pink bicycle outside a matching house taken with my phone.

You can order calendars from plus they are stocked by The Independent Pub (Queens Park Rd) Q Estate Agents (Lewes Rd) Amaze (Queens Rd), Brighton Open Market.

It’s been tremendous fun from a community with a lot of energy and spirit to help one another – I can’t wait to see what we all come up with for 2017!

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