Advent Day 21 – #WIN A Personal Training Session

Personal trainer and yoga teacher, Lucy from Lift PT has been writing and supporting for some time now. She’s been enjoying life as a new mum but also eased herself back to doing what she loves. Today she shares a home workout to do before Christmas – there really is no excuse to squeeze it in and balance out the treats.
For whatever reason that your time may be limited, here’s a quick but effective home-workout to help strengthen and firm the whole body.
Before you begin, choose some motivating music to keep you inspired and working hard! Aim to break a sweat and feel your heart pumping during this session. Do the four exercises 3-4 times through. It should take you between 10 and 20 minutes. Enjoy feeling those mince pie calories burn away! 🙂
Squats – stand with your feet a bit wider than hip width apart and toes turned out a little. Lower your bottom towards your heels whilst keeping the chest up and shoulders back, then exhale as you push in to the heels to return to stand. Sqeeeeze your bottom and thighs and pull your lower belly in as you come to stand. Repeat 15-20 times.
Walk out to plank (with optional press-up) – start standing, then crouch and begin to walk your hands out ahead of you until you make a plank position. Pause here with your belly drawn in, hands under your shoulders OR do a press-up (lower to your knees if you need to). Then from plank walk back to crouch and with your back straight return to stand. Repeat 10-15 times.
Reverse lunge with arms out (hold something to challenge the arms and shoulders further if you like) – stand with your feet hip width apart, arms parallel with the ground. Step one foot back and lower into a lunge (both knees at 45 degree angles), then return to stand. Repeat 15-20 on one leg and then switch.
Spider crawl (kids will love to join in on this one!) – start sitting on the floor, place your feet flat and hands behind you. Lift your bottom as high as you can, without straining the wrists or chest. Now crawl forwards without putting your bottom down. Aim to go from the sofa to the door or such-like. Once there, take a brief rest to shake out the wrists and then go backwards to where you started. Do this exercise for 30 seconds – 1 minute with minimal rest.
There you go. A super workout in four moves — simple.  Happy Christmas everyone.
One lucky reader can win a  1-2-1 personal training session in Hove Park with Lucy, normally £45. Simply complete the Gleam form below

Lift PT 1 to 1 session

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