8 Reasons I Ought to Get a Dog

As part of the Brighton Artist’s Open House this year Sophie Sheinwald has gotten her dogs out!

For over four years she has been capturing canines on camera, with what started out as her youngest daughter’s delight in petting every pooch she came across. The project grew from this as Sophie went out in search of what epitomised this unique relationship between human and dog.

Invited to exhibit at Blackwood Studios Brighton, Sophie decided to choose from her many dogs, an arduous feat. Her selection includes shots that show dogs about and about with their human friends only showing a hint at ownership.

Whilst out photographing, Sophie Sheinwald has surveyed many a dog owner and thanks to their help, come up with eight good reasons to have one, which you can read www.sophiesheinwald.com/photography/8-reasons-get-dog. She’s even started a FB page https://www.facebook.com/8.reasons.why.I.ought.to.get.a.dog

The project risks growing further as other Brighton spaces are interested in her dogs being exhibited, more to say on that after June. 

Sophie says this project has heightened the possibility of her family finally owning a dog, although she remains quiet about when! “In the meantime we are getting requests for us to borrow local dogs, that will be a great start.” says Sophie

Sophie Sheinwald is Brighton based and specialises in events, headshots and bespoke portraiture. She comes from a fine arts background where she developed her love for photography and has been snapping away for over 20 years.

You can see more of her general work at  www.sophiesheinwald.com.

Event details: Artist’s Open House, May weekends, Blackwood Studios, 22 Spring Street

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