5 Things to Do in Brighton with an Elderly Person

There are so many wonderful things to do in Brighton for both the young and the young at heart. Remaining active in later life is important to overall health and wellbeing. With the option of twenty-four-seven live-in care recently becoming available in Brighton through professional care providers like Elder.org, it is now possible for older loved ones to receive care created around their own interests and schedules. This includes enjoying leisure activities that the rigid structure of a traditional care home would never have allowed for. Here are our top five picks of things to do with an elderly person on a leisurely day out in Brighton:

  1. See the Sights on the Vintage Railway

There is no better way to see the beauty of Brighton than on the Vintage Railway. Both adults and children have been taking a ride on the railway since 1883, which continues along the same journey today, showcasing the stunning scenery of the city. The train journey takes just thirty minutes and offers exceptional views of Brighton’s seafront.

  1. Watch a Show at Theatre Royal Brighton

For a treat, an elderly relative or client might enjoy a trip to the Theatre Royal Brighton to watch an unforgettable show. You can therefore enjoy a seasonal programme of West End drama, comedy, musicals and there is even an annual Christmas show. You can guarantee there will be something on the calendar that an older person will love.

  1. Take a Short Stroll Through Brighton Marina

There is nothing quite like a relaxing stroll around the stunning Brighton Marina, which offers a beautiful seafront, yachts and plenty of stores and restaurants. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon, enjoying all the beauty and buzz of the 1,500-berth yacht marina.

Also, if you are living with an elderly resident who isn’t confident on their feet or is suffering from a disability, you can hire a wheelchair or electricity mobility scooter from Brighton Marina to help you make our way across the city – and they will even deliver the scooters or wheelchairs to their home.

  1. Enjoy Fish & Chips at Brighton Palace Pier

It is easy to take a stroll through the Brighton Palace Pier because it offers a flat surface with no steps. You can therefore enjoy some famous Brighton fish and chips as you both enjoy the sights and sounds of the pier. There is also a ramp at the main entrance, which also offers a handrail, so an older loved one does not have to worry about losing their footing.

  1. Royal Pavilion

One of the most beautiful buildings in Brighton has to be the Royal Pavilion, so you can trust an elderly person will love nothing more than a stroll around this exquisite seaside palace, which also features artwork belonging to the Royal Family. From the fully restored regency gardens to the elegant banqueting room, there is always something remarkable to see at the Royal Pavilion.

There are so many amazing things to do in Brighton with an elderly person; you just need to find the right activity to suit their taste. With beautiful scenery, architecture and a variety of restaurants and cafes, your loved one or client will never be stuck for things to do in the city.

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