5 Beneficial Upgrades to Make to Your Home in 2016

If you are looking for a project that will improve your life and standard of living, the best place to start is with your home. When you own your own home, it is a good idea to keep it up to date and comfortable. Since an updated home will hold or grow its value, taking out UK home and personal loans to get the job done can help increase your value of ownership. If you are thinking of updating, here are five upgrades that you can make to your home for the best benefit in 2016.

Better appliances and countertops

Often times, updating the appliances in you home can make the entire kitchen area look good. If possible, go with the stainless steel for your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. An all stainless kitchen will look better and will also be easier to clean. The heavy scrubbing that is necessary on some other appliance types will not have to happen on the exterior of stainless products. Once you have replaced the appliances, make sure you have countertops that will match the smooth stainless. A great quartz or granite countertop is easy for clean-up and will offer a clean flow with the rest of the home.

Wood flooring for common rooms

Letting go of the carpeting can help you home’s look and quality. It is easy to get carpet dirty and if you have kids and pets, you are fighting a losing game. Instead of suffering through constant carpet cleaning, pick out your favorite type of wood flooring and have them installed. Wood floors come in all colors, from white, to natural, to red, and gray. There are also sustainable wood types, such as bamboo, that are easy on the environment. Have these installed in the common rooms first, to see how you like them. If wood suits your lifestyle best, have them installed in the entire home.

Crown molding

If you are looking for a low cost project that will give your house an immediate pick me up, consider crown molding in your living room, kitchen, and hallways. Crown molding gives your walls a more formal look and can turn a plain wall drab. Everyone in the family can vote on the particular style of molding that looks best with the home. If you want to great a grander look inside of your dining or living room, install a decorative chair rail with crown molding.

Beautiful garden

If you want better curb appeal in your home, consider a beautiful garden. A garden, set with easy to care for flowers and perfectly pruned bushes will look wonderful walking up the sidewalk each day. Make sure to choose plants that are capable of thriving in your environment.

Separate tub and shower

If you have not yet taken the plunge and set up a separate tub and shower unit inside of your bathroom, 2016 is the best time. Most of the people who are interested in homes on the market will expect a separate shower and soaker tub, making your value on the market higher than with a single shower/tub combo.

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