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We are living in the age of information, our children are exposed to media messages from a tender age. Which puts the pressure on the parents to ensure kids are interpreting those messages in a positive way. We can’t hide our kids away from the technology which can also open doors to their education but we can help them read between the lines.

2012-10-30 15.04.42BrightonMums.com and our community have added our voice to the media backlash which spawned #everydaysexism and #turnyourbackonPage3 with our own message. As aggressive as the media can be, we also need to take a head on approach to deliver a counter message to the impossible imperfection and double standards portrayed every day.

We have launched the tags #1ThingForMyDaughter #1ThingForMySon #1ThingForMyChild encouraging parents to share the messages they give their children about their body image, their gender and role in society and equality in general (or will do when they are old enough to receive it).

So how do you help your children see the best in themselves? How do you diffuse the strong gender stereotypes bombarded in toy stores or television advertisements? How do you help them make sense of their friendships and their individual identities? What do you do to encourage them to reach their full potential in everything they do? What #1thingformychild can you share with us?

We are encouraging parents to come together, share these lessons or messages to inspire and give confidence to other parents in their beliefs. Here’s the amazing offerings from our Twitter network so far:

@sevenbeescafe That happiness replaces wealth as the measure of a successful society (or world)” #1thingformydaughter #1thingformyson

@Hugh_90 I’d also like to be able to go see kids films again without the silent judgment #1thingformydaughter

@dzyrl My #1thingformydaughter ? You are strong, generous and smart. I wish for you that you stay that way.

@ValpearceBHCC that they relish every second of their life #1thingformydaughter

@mgordonwalker #1thingformyson Be ‘man’ enough to admit when you’re wrong. And also to take directions…

@huxley06 #1thingformydaughter that she never dilutes her curious and determined nature to please others

@Hugh_90 #1thingformydaughter That she teaches me how to use future tech and promises me a kidney. Also self-confidence, empathy, wit, etc.

@chellemccann #1thingformydaughter that she knows no boundaries due to her gender and believes she can do anything she wants to do

@mumdrah #1thingformydaughters is for her to embody her own definition of femininity and pay no heed to the myth being dictated to her #befree

@tracylouisee1 Loving this trend #1thingformydaughters what would you wish for your daughters? I have loads! #unconditionalloveformygirls

@GeoffBraterman #1thingformydaughters is that she never believes any door to be closed for her “because I’m a girl/woman”

@tracylouisee1 #1thingformydaughters to stay in a relationship if they’re happy, but to have confidence and support from us to walk away if they need to

@mgordonwalker #1thingformyson – Crying doesn’t make you weak. It’s a natural human response to sorrow. Bottling things up causes chronic health problems

@daydreamer_mum #1thingformydaughters is to know that it ok to not like pink or wear dresses. You’re still female.

@indepliving #1thingformydaughters I will NEVER be judgemental about decisions & choices they make

@Lizzielegate #1thingformydaughters is gratitude that they have grown into strong, independent and happy & fulfilled young women #blessed

@Gillian_Marston absolute confidence #1thingformydaughters

@Brightonmums #1thingformydaughters you can do any job you want

@KarenAms #1thingformydaughters would be that they are able to live a happy, safe and fulfilled life

@mollyjforbes Be you and be proud to be you. Everything else will follow.” #1thingformydaughters #raisinggirls

@squishblog those who mind don’t matter & those who matter don’t mind” #1thingformydaughters

@tracylouisee1 #1thingformydaughters that whatever path they take if they are happy that’s all that matters. Don’t worry about what others think or say

@NancyRCarter #1thingformydaughters That they value their brains above their bodies

@Pixie1959 #1thingformydaughters that they aspire to more than looking good.

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